About us

We believe in beautiful, high-quality furniture, timeless kitchens, and minimalist wardrobes. Excellent client service and communication are just as important as high-end finish.

The family business journey has begun more than ten years ago in Australia. Takuro, a designer and cabinetmaker, originally from Japan, was following his dream when his lifelong hobby became his livelihood.

In Australia, Taku had the opportunity to work on several projects. Residential projects have become his favorite. Taku enjoys working closely with each client to discuss all the details of the design.

His wife Linda has always been interested in design and interiors as well. After moving to the Czech Republic, Taku and Linda set themselves the goal of introducing stunning high-quality furniture for beautiful living.

With their exceptional skills and client service they wanna prove, that the entire process of planning and realization can be an enjoyable experience for the client.

Taku Yamaguchi, designer and one of the most precise cabinet-makers

We are here for you and always open to discussion. We offer many different designs tailored to your needs and expectation, a wide range of materials, lots of experience, and high-end all quality!